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"Keep the fire burning on the altar."
- Lev 6:13

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The Spirit and the Bride is calling, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!” We live in a day and age that our Lord Jesus Christ is calling His Church, you and me right across the globe, to be prepared as His great reward, His bride.
To live in an intimate and loving relationship with Him. He paid the ultimate price to be close to you. Come and join us on this journey to make the fist commandment your only commandment, to live a godly holy live that is energized and sustained by love.

Our Vision is to grow to:

  • 300+ fulltime Worshippers and Intercessors.
  • 24/7 Worship and Intercession.
  • Training of Worshippers and Intercessors.
  • To support the Body of Christ in our city and country through worship and intercession.
  • To have an impact for the Kingdom of God in our community, city and the world.
Joshua Year 2019

Joshua Year 2019

This year is the best investment anyone can make for his/her future. If you long to grow in intimacy with God, set this year apart and your life will be impacted for...

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Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what others have to say.

Each person has his or her own idea of what it is to dedicate a year of your life to God, but no one knew what God’s plans were. I was blessed with a year of much learning and much growing. So often it felt that my head is to small for al the knowledge of God. Never did I know how great is our Heavenly Daddy. And I still don’t know. It was hard work – physical and emotional. We are to small to grasp how big God really is, our minds cannot contain it. The preparation of the year was so necessary! There is so much we need to learn for our journey here on earth, we need God daily! I will not trade this year for anything, though we wanted to run away sometimes! Daddy was so good to me. Today I can face any situation with so much more knowledge and experience because that which God has built into me can never be torn down. Joshua Year 2012 was super special.
- Charné Markram

Joshua Year taught me who I am in God. Today I can say that I apply everything I learned during Joshua Year in my everyday live! Every day I am confronted with that which Joshua Year prepared me for. My relationship with God is now stronger than ever before – I cannot imagine life without Him. He is my Friend, my Beloved and my Father. I have been taught how to love and to be loved.
- Coba Stander

The Joshua Year place me in a position of faith and dependence on Father. Before the Joshua Year I was a first year teaching student who worked full-time at Taalfees Primary School as student teacher, where I also earned a salary. At the beginning of 2012 I decided to leave my work and studies to do the Joshua Year full-time. I had to trust God to help me with financial debt and He was faithful. He provided in all my needs and paid all my debt. It was a wonderful learning curve. Throughout the year I learned so much about Father and experienced Him so much. I am also musical and also grew in that. It is an uncomfortable but wonderful year, a year in which God forms your character to become the person He dreams about. You get to know God on a deep and intimate level and grow in your ministry. It is a year in which the fire in your heart is fanned and grow until it consumes you from the inside. During the year you receive healing from emotional pain, you make new friends who truly supports you on this journey with Father. You are also equipped to minister healing to others. After this year I am enriched, spirit, soul and body and grew in my knowledge of God.
- Flip Degenaar

During the Joshua Year I enjoyed to learn more about my Heavenly Father and His love for us. I also enjoyed to see how He work in the lives of people around me, as well as my own live. I was very shy to speak to other people, but Daddy set me free. He also taught me to pray longer.
- Pierre Visagie

I entered 2012 thinking I am grown up and know everything, but I realized with a shock there is still so much to learn. Being finished with school does not mean you are done with learning. It was a year of growth, sometimes it was joyful and sometimes painful, but it was worth it. Healing took place of pain I was not aware existed in my life. God held His hand over me and pulled me out of a deep darkness, causing me to see colour again. The year prepared me for life lying ahead of me and taught me that dependence on God is the best place to be at. There is no point where you can say you know everything about God, but I am now more excited to get to know everything I can. God is good, always.
- Simoné Bekker

Joshua Year 2012 – Imagine 12 people in the same room for a whole year. Different characters and a variety of emotions. Chaos! But now I can look back and laugh about it. I love all the people that shared this journey with me soooo much. Laughing together, mischief, hiding from the Pastor when we have to wash the coffee mugs, playing together, just being silly, outreaches, cutting out 100 paper teddies, being a clown, sharing stage fright, crying together, praying together, being irritated together… I realize that I won’t swop this for anything. It wasn’t a year of sunshine and roses, but God laid a foundation in me that will stand forever. I learned that only that which has eternal value, will stand. It was a year of discovery! I discovered the Father more, and I discovered myself in Him. I could never imagine that Daddy will change my whole understanding of who He is, but He did and I will never be the same. Thank you Abba for this privelege.
- Carine Visagie

In this year I learned to gaze upon who God is. I truly discovered my own character, and have grow with an unbelievable speed. Before the Joshua Year I was a quiet girl caught up inside myself. In a way I knew that God wanted to use me, But the only problem was that I didn’t know God. I thought I knew Him and who He was but I didn’t have a clue. As my knowledge of God grew last year I realized that I never knew Him, and never will know Him completely. But now I know that the greatest pleasure and delight is to get to know Him. I realized that my God is so much bigger than I could ever imagine!!! That is the awesome part. When I look back at my life before Joshua Year I see a broken, insecure young girl. But now I can see myself as God’s beloved bride. Because of that I am now stronger than ever before. I know that God is going to use me and everyone that shared this journey with me. And I look forward to searching after God the rest of my life as my Bridegroom.
- Petro Degenaar

  • Charné Markram
  • Coba Stander
  • Flip Degenaar
  • Pierre Visagie
  • Simoné Bekker
  • Carine Visagie
  • Petro Degenaar

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