Get Involved

Become a Prayer missionary

If there is a burning desire in your heart to help keep the fire burning on the altar, become a prayer missionary. You can commit yourself fulltime as prayer missionary at the House of Prayer or you can get involved part time and commit to some of the prayer sessions during the week.

Support a Prayer missionary

If you do not have the time, or are not in the position to become a fulltime prayer missionary, you can still get involved in the house of prayer by supporting a fulltime prayer missionary or by giving a donation to the House of Prayer. Get-Involved-Prayer You can support a specific individual as prayer missionary or make a general contribution for the House of Prayer to cover administrative expenses, to help keep the fire burning on the altar.

Why support?

Witbank House of Prayer Missions Base is a non-profit organization where someone can become a fulltime prayer missionary.

The Intercessors who get involved on a fulltime basis are prayer missionaries. Just as missionaries in any other missionary organization they are able to be in this ministry when someone led by God supports them financially.

Not everyone can be a fulltime prayer missionary, but everyone can get involved by supporting a prayer missionary.

How to support a Prayer missionary or the Ministry?

Support can be given in two ways:

  • A monthy Internet payment can be made in the House of Prayer’s bank account specifying the individual’s name or House of Prayer
  • Or

  • You can organize a monthly stop order at your bank for an automatic monthly contribution.