Who is Justin Rizzo


Arise 2018


31 August – 4 September 2018


Justin Rizzo from the International House of Prayer, Kansas City

(Taken from International House of Prayer, KC Forerunner music)

Before moving to Kansas City in 2004, Justin Rizzo lived in New York where he was raised as a “pastor’s kid.” The Lord awakened a hunger in his heart at a very young age to be in His presence, “I remember many times when I was younger that I wouldn’t want the church service to end and I wouldn’t want to leave the building because I just liked being there. Little did I know that this was the Lord planting seeds of desire in my heart to be one, a priest, who ministers before Him.” After being home-schooled through the end of high school and working at a coffee shop for four years, Justin’s dad gave him a brochure on IHOPKC. He came out to Kansas City for a six-month internship and was encountered by the Lord during that time. “Halfway through the internship the Lord just wrecked me, and I realized I did not know who God was.” After this realization, He committed to the Lord that he would not leave until told otherwise. Years later, Justin is still seeking to know God in a deeper way on a daily basis.

With most of his hours spent in the prayer room, Justin finds that his songs naturally arise out of that time. Though many songwriters will sit down for hours to craft a song, his music comes primarily from singing the Word to God—either in his own personal time with the Lord, or when leading on stage and singing through a passage from the Bible.

Justin has given himself to a life of ministering to the Lord in worship, prayer, and study as his full-time occupation. His songs carry prophetic insight and unveil the depths of the Lord’s heart. Through his leadership and songwriting Justin is sounding a clear call to this generation to prepare the way of the Lord’s return.